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Built-in Variables
WebSiphon's built-in variables are the building blocks in your web applications which allow you to build code that adapts to its environment dynamically at runtime.
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The Enlightened Mantis

SiphonScript and WebSiphon

A Specialist's tool
Deliver high-quality solutions using a development platform which offers the depth and reliability you demand in authoring your network applications.

WebSiphon provides the fundamental scripting toolkit and flexible data interfaces required to construct successful service-oriented software, so programmers can focus on core project features rather than their underlying frameworks.

Latest News from the Front

2019 Musings of the Mantis
Hi folks! Several updates are planned soon. Share your experiences in authoring web applications at the dawn of the web!

If you would like for us to showcase your web app we would love to hear from you.
[posted 2019-04-29 14:36:58]

WebSiphon Update
The current release version (WebSiphon 2) remains on sale to those who request additional licenses.

The WebSiphon 3 project is in development.
[posted 2019-04-29 14:36:00]

WebSiphon 2 Hosting
For those who seek a hosting provider for WebSiphon projects please see Burly House Networks for assistance.
[posted 2019-04-29 14:36:15]

Recommended Download: WebSiphon v2.09 Update
The WebSiphon v2.09 update, offering several important bug fixes for all users, is now available in the Downloads section using the link in the menu above. See the accompanying release notes for a complete list of changes introduced in this version.
[posted 2004-11-06 03:55:17]

WebSiphon includes Kingfisher MySQL connectivity
MySQL connectively via Flaming Logoware's Kingfisher library is now included with the standard WebSiphon 2 package.

Now you can create flexible, scalable web applications with SiphonScript and MySQL while still hold on to your pocketbook!
[posted 2004-10-22 20:40:19]

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