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WebSentinel 2.1 Specifications

Intuitive Interface

WebSentinel allows Webmasters to easily manage their user and security settings with an intuitive and familiar Macintosh interface. Granting user access to an area of your web site with WebSentinel is as simple as drag and drop. Finder-style labels and sorting allows you to organize your users for maximum administrative efficiency. For large sets of users, there is even a helpful Find command that will enable you to easily locate any user. The WebSentinel Admin application can remotely administer your security settings from anywhere on your AppleTalk network, and an extensive web-based administration interface allows you to administer from any web browser.

More Options

With WebSentinel 2.1, the ease-of-use and simple administration capabilities pioneered in WebSentinel 1.0 have been taken to the next level, allowing you to work faster and more effectively. Users accounts can automatically expire on a given day, after a number of days, or ven after a number of requests for a given realm. And with customizable templates, users can change their password via an HTML form without any interaction from the administrator. Plus there's more flexibility in defining who has access to a secure area. You can automatically allow specific machineaddresses into your site without needing to login, and you can add users to special Admin Groups that have access to all restricted pages, even when realms are added or removed.

Powerful Security

WebSentinel realms may contain either simple WebSTAR-style match strings or complex GREP expressions for the ultimate flexibility in defining security for your site. Each realm can also have its own set of users, stored in a variety of available database architectures, and a custom "No Access" HTML page to be served when access is denied. The authentication realms can use either standard HTTP dialogs prompts, or you can setup a custom HTML login form. In addition to the standard authentication realms, any realm may also be defined to automatically deny or grant a user access to a protected area of the site, or even redirect to a specific URL. Using the powerful capabilities of realms defined with a GREP expression, ISPs can also limit CGI or plug-in usage to specific hosted sites being served by a single machine.

Manage Users Anywhere

Web administrators who need to support larger user sets have the ability to define different database targets in which to store user information. Aside from the built-in database, you may store users in Purity Software's own Verona database engine which is included with WebSentinel. A FileMaker Pro Data Target is also available as an add-on.

Extensible Architecture

WebSentinel utilizes a plug-in interface for database targets, so third-party developers may add targets for their own applications. The API necessary to create target plug-ins is provided free of charge to any interested parties -- just contact websentinel-support@purity.com for further information.

Major New Features in WebSentinel 2.1

Denied Workstations
Denied workstations allow a specific workstation or range of workstations, specified by IP address or hostname, to be denied access to the site, without the ability to log-in. Each workstation can be set to one or more realms, or the entire web site.
New Web-based Administration
The web-based administration for WebSentinel has been completely rewritten, allowing administration of all WebSentinel features. This interface uses a new script architecture that allows anyone familiar with AppleScript to extend or replace the standard web-based administration pages.
Updated Scripting Interface
The scripting interface to WebSentinel has been updated to support the new features of WebSentinel. Through this interface you can exchange information with WebSentinel from AppleScript, Userland Frontier, Purity's own WebSiphon, Pervasive Software's Tango, Blueworld's Lasso, and other Apple Event savvy environments.
Persistent Login Cookies
When using web login forms for authentication, WebSentinel now supports the ability to specify how long the username and password will be saved on the browser's computer, instead of expiring after the browser quits. This allows users to not have to keep typing their username and password when entering the site, if they choose to. A simple optional checkbox on the login form allows the user to choose whether they want this feature enabled.
Automatic Installer and Self-repair
WebSentinel no longer requires you to install any additional libraries or files other than the WebSentinel Plug-in itself. When the web server starts up, WebSentinel will automatically create any default files and Data Target Plug-ins necessary for WebSentinel to function. Just drop the WebSentinel Plug-in in your web server Plug-ins folder and you're ready to go!
Improved Import of Users with Realms
The simple tab-delimited import file format that WebSentinel supports has been improved to support an optional realm match string as the last item. When importing any users with realm permissions, providing a realm match string will allow functional realms to be automatically created as the users are imported.
User Sign-up Script Example
Included with the package are new example scripts that you can use to simplify administration on your subscription-based web site. A form allows users to pick username and password, and WebSentinel will automatically create their account.
Logout Link Feature
When using web-based HTML login forms, the site administrator now has the ability to add a "Logout" link to their web site. On a shared computer, the user of the web site can click the "Logout" link so that subsequent users of the computer will not be able to use the previous user's account. An optional URL can also be specified to redirect the user to, once the logout is complete.


WebSentinel has a retail price of US $199 and includes a special version of Verona for user storage needs. A fully-functional demonstration version of WebSentinel is available from the Purity Software download area. Educational institutions qualify for a 15% discount on all Purity Software products.

System Requirements

WebSentinel requires a Power Macintosh running Mac OS 9.1 or later, 1MB of RAM for the administration application, and 1MB of additional RAM on the web server. WebSentinel will work with web servers supporting the W*API 1.2 standard.

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