WebSentinel v2.1 Documentation
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Getting Started
Components Overview
Server Components
Administration Components
Introduction to WebSentinel
Connecting to the Server
Understanding and Defining Realms
Realm Priorities
Managing User Access
Logging Into the Web Site
The Road Ahead
Further Exploration
WebSentinel Admin
Groups for Shared Permissions
Expiration Options for Users
Auto-login using Workstations
Automatically denying access
Searching for Users
Understanding Realm Priorities
Importing User Data
Exporting User Data
Web-based Administration
Connecting to the Server
Managing Users
Managing Groups
Managing Realms
Managing Denied Workstations
User Cache
Advanced Topics
Database Targets
How Targets Work
Installing a New Target Plug-in
Creating a New Target
Using Your New Target
Finding Other Target Plug-ins
Using GREP
Example Patterns
Providing a Change Password Page
Custom Log-in and No Access pages
Migrating from WebSTAR Security (WebSTAR versions 2.x, 3.x)
Migrating from WebSTAR Security (WebSTAR versions 4.x)
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